Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weights and measures

December 30, 2012:  We had the farrier out to trim up Belle's hooves and gave her a first dose of ivermectin to rid her of most internal parasites she might have brought with her.

She has permanent central incisors not even fully grown in and still has baby incisors on the intermediates and laterals, which means she is probably turning 3 years old officially in 2 days, on January 1st.

Body weight estimate, by weight tape: 684 pounds
Girth circumference: 63 inches
Height approx. 54.5 inches or 13.2 1/2 hands
Blanket measurement 70 inches

The new pony

Based on some YouTube videos we saw, we went to look at a pinto pony near Winchester, Virginia on December 27, 2012. There was still some ice-covered snow on the ground so we could only trot her up and down the road in front of the farm, but she behaved so sweetly that we bought her on the spot. 

We almost brought the kitty home with us when she tried to stow away on the horse trailer.

Here was her testing ground: She walked quietly through the crusty snow around a running truck and trotted quietly away from her pasture-mates when asked. Can't ask much more than that of her!

When we brought her home a former owner sent me a photo of her last September when she was looking considerably prettier in her summer coat!

I asked a "R" hunter judge to evaluate her from this photo and she said: "What a lovely young mare! She has nice short cannons and average bone. Her withers are well laid back but a bit low. Her shoulder is nice. Her neck ties onto the shoulder elegantly! She has a beautiful crest and top line. Her hind leg appears to be correct."

We brought her home and my twin daughters discussed her name and decided to keep her former name "Belle" and, because of her color, add "Nuit" to make her show name Beautiful Night, or Belle Nuit.